Webinar Replay:
Values-Led HR Leadership
Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Posted On April 14, 2020

In this panel conversation, we explore timely questions related to operating an inclusive and equitable Human Resources function.

The Camber Outdoors mission is to support workplace inclusion, equity, and diversity in the active-outdoor industries. Throughout the month of April, all of our webinars are geared to support partners who believe that leading with inclusion is a business imperative. They’re also specifically focused on providing the tools to do so in the context of COVID-19. In this webinar, featuring Traci Reandeau, Vice President of Global People and Culture at Fuerst Group-KEEN, and Eileen Mulry, Vice President of Human Resources at SRAM, we showcase best practices for operating an effective, values-led HR function in times of profound workplace change.

During the hour-long conversation, our human resources panelists address the following questions: 

→ What does it look like for HR to “lead with values” during times of crisis?

→ Do you have tips for retaining company culture while working remotely?

→ Could you name some of the major challenges in managing HR processes and practices during COVID-19? Can you recommend tools and strategies to help companies cope and thrive?

→ How do you communicate with staff through the crisis in a way that’s equitable and inclusive?

→ How do you support employees who are undergoing anxiety, burnout, and numerous personal changes?

→ What can you do for employees who have to still show up to your physical workspace?

→ In what ways do you anticipate workplaces will have shifted post-COVID-19? Can you recommend strategies to prepare for those shifts?

→ What are some silver linings that have emerged?

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