Mindy Silva

Director of Special Projects

Mindy Silva has spent her career leading private family foundations, corporations, and Tribal Nations, to maximize the impact of their philanthropic investments. Driven by her purpose and passion to create equitable systems, Mindy has dedicated the last 16 years of her career helping grantmakers and nonprofits explore their vision and strategy for delivering diverse, equitable, and inclusive impact across underserved regions of the United States. 

For more than a decade, Mindy served as part of a team that led one of the largest philanthropic giving programs in Southern California. Notable in Mindy’s career is her work to deliver on large-scale, community-change projects, including a $25 million dollar initiative to expand health care to vulnerable populations and a $10 million initiative to create a gateway health-education institution that now serves as a model for underserved communities across the United States.

Mindy holds a BA in History and Political Science with an emphasis in Social Science and Religion from Vanguard University of Southern California.

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