Elyse Rylander

Partnership Manager

Elyse Rylander is a Partnership Strategist, Inclusion Specialist, and Educator who has worked with global for-profit and nonprofit organizations across the Outdoor Recreation Economy to strengthen their relationships with a variety of stakeholders, infuse inclusivity, and equity into their organizational DNA and bring bold ideas to fruition. With 15 years of experience in myriad sectors of the Outdoor Recreation Economy, Elyse believes our greatest successes will occur through the cultivation of strong relationships between organizations and individuals committed to furthering opportunities to use the natural world as a mechanism for all to find fulfillment, health, and well-being. 

Elyse founded a first-of-its-kind LGBTQ+ youth outdoor education organization and annual LGBTQ+ outdoor conference has supported over 50 industry organizations and companies to advance their DEI goals and initiatives and has been named a “Top Woman in Conservation”. 

Elyse holds a B.A. in Communications, Gender Studies, and LGBTQ Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an M.A. in Adventure Education from Prescott College.

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