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We’ve built a community of industry leaders and employees at all levels who are ready to move beyond promises and make progress toward building an  industry as diverse as the growing community of consumers who enjoy our products every day. Data & Insights provide the foundation for successful Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy and implementation. As Camber Partner, you will gain exclusive access to Camber’s Survey System – a best-in-class survey system that offers our partners:




Camber Survey System

The What, Why & How

What is the Camber Survey System?

The Camber Survey System was developed in partnership with world renowned Claremont Evaluation Center. The two-part survey, which consists of an Organizational Workplace Survey and Employee Survey, was designed and administered to uphold the rigor, integrity, and reliability of the workplace  survey process. The results of the Survey are provided exclusively to Camber partners who participate in the Camber Survey System. The data collected serves as a directional indicator of cohort-wide trends as well as provides organizational specific data which captures employee perspectives on your organization’s DEI efforts. Your organization-specific data is for use by your organization only.  Both individual employee and organization specific data are designed to protect the confidentiality of everyone who has participated in the Survey.

Video about the Camber Survey System coming soon!

Why Should My Organization Participate in the Survey?

Your organization is embracing change, and you are ready to measure progress. By participating in the Camber Survey System, your organization will:
  • Establish baseline information and insights into your current Workplace DEI efforts
  • Gain strategic insights from data gathered across a cohort of Outdoor Recreation Economy peers
  • Shape your organization’s DEI strategy and propel your performance
  • Receive survey findings and actionable results & industry insights tailored to your organization
  • Returning Partners will gain year-on-year data and insights

How Does My Organization Engage in the Survey Process?

Two simple steps are required for your organization to participate in the Camber Survey System:



2021 Camber Survey System launches July 31, 2021.

Best-In-Class Partners

Our survey methodology was designed to uphold the rigor,  integrity, confidentiality, and reliability across the workplace survey process. Watch this video to learn more about our methodology:

Hear from one of our Partners about the value of  the Camber Survey System for leaders and organizations:

As leaders who have made careers as risk taking, individualistic innovators in your field, you are ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and work towards real change. The things that helped us create an industry seven million strong, are also the hallmarks of equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Join us. To become a Camber Partner and to sign up to participate in the 2021 Camber Survey System, contact our Partnerships Team.

Data & Evaluation Resources and Information


Q: What are the primary goals of the Camber Survey System?

A: Data and insights provide the foundation for successful Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion implementation and strategy. The goal of the Camber survey is to create actionable results for our Partners and industry insights across a cohort of organizations in the Outdoor Recreation Economy who are committed to Workplace DEI.

Q: Does my organization have to be a Camber Partner to participate in the Camber Survey System?

A: Yes, your organization must be an active Partner to participate in the Organizational and Workplace Employee Surveys administered via the Camber Survey System.

Q: How does my organization become a Camber Partner?

A: To learn more about how to become a Camber Partner, contact our Partnerships Team.

Q: When will the next Camber Survey System Launch?

A: The 2021  Camber Survey System will launch on July 31, 2021. In order for your organization to participate in this year’s Survey, you must be signed up as a Camber Partner by this date.

Q: What is the difference between the Organizational Workplace Survey and the Employee Survey, and will our organization be required to engage with both surveys in order to participate?

A: The Workplace Survey is filled out by a leadership representative from each participating organization. This survey should be completed with approval/input from a member of the executive leadership team and include an organization-wide perspective.

The Employee Survey is completed by North American employees across all worksites of the company, and captures the individual employee perspective of workplace DEI efforts.

Q: If my organization participates in the Organizational Workplace Survey and the Employee Survey, will our data remain confidential?

A: The confidentiality of our Camber Survey System data is a priority. We work with the Claremont Evaluation Center to implement best practices to protect company data and employee confidentiality alike.

Q: Can’t my organization just conduct its own internal research?

A: It is vital to understand the methodology of how the surveys were designed and administered to uphold the rigor, integrity, and reliability that was employed in the process. Click HERE to learn more about our field-leading Partners at Claremont Evaluation Center and the study methodology employed to design the Camber Organizational Workplace and Employee Surveys.

The Camber Community

Industry Transformational Leaders are Corporations across the Outdoor Recreation Economy who commit to supporting workplace inclusion, equity, and diversity work beyond their individual Partner level.

In 2021 Industry Transformational Leaders have sponsored access to Camber resources for nonprofits and small businesses in a commitment to increase workplace DEI capabilities across the industry.

Reach out to learn more about Industry Transformational Leader opportunities and help us build an industry of choice for all.


This report was the best organized and most thought provoking executive summary I have seen or heard of. A set of actionable stepping stones and a path to constant improvement and enlightenment is our best play. So much gratitude for this work.

Kim MillerCEO, Scarpa

Camber is the partner we've been looking for to help our organization better align itself with best practices in DEI in the workplace.

Michael ErvinDean of Students, Alzar School

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