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Posted On July 20, 2021

Leaders at all levels across workplaces of the Outdoor Recreation Economy are committed to tackling the issues before us; working on inclusion and equity across our workplaces, and building companies and organizations that both engage and represent today’s outdoor enthusiasts.

Today’s outdoor industry workplaces are 81 percent white, however, in the last year the diversity of consumers grew to 34 percent.  Activating on your workplace values, and measuring your progress to reflect and engage consumers is a business imperative.

The Camber Survey System is a tool that meets this moment.  Now in its second year, built in collaboration with the Claremont Evaluation Center, the Camber Survey System highlights progress and opportunities for Camber Partner organizations to take action.

Your organization’s participation in this outdoor industry cohort lays the groundwork for implementing best practices in workplace DEI across all leadership levels, and also provides valuable opportunities to learn from your own employees as well as a cohort of peers.  

“The value of Camber to us is unquestionable. By participating in their survey work I see a path for how to keep our workplace evolving to the next level. It lays the foundation for real change.”

Scarpa North America CEO Kim Miller

Last year 25% of Camber’s partners participated in the inaugural survey, engaged employees at all levels, garnered high-quality data and insights into the current state of workplace DEI efforts and built a cohort of data for broader outdoor industry-specific benchmarking.  In addition, each participating organization received customized actionable tools and resources. 

Join us in making measured progress.  

The Camber Survey System is a benefit of Camber Partnership.  To become a Camber Partner. CLICK HERE to learn more and join. 

If you are already a Camber Partner CLICK HERE before August 1 to sign up and participate.  

About Camber

Camber is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing inclusion, equity, and diversity across the workplaces that comprise the $887 billion Outdoor Recreation Economy. Camber provides a growing community of corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses with programs, resources, and tools that accelerate workplace systems change. To learn more about Camber, visit www.camberoutdoors.org.

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