Camber Outdoors Welcomes Two New Board Members

BOULDER, Colo. (May 30, 2018) — Camber Outdoors, the active-outdoor industries organization focused on equality for all women in the outdoors, announced today the appointment of two new board members: Diana Seung, executive vice president of merchandising at and Michelle Wardian, president of Outdoor Research (OR).

“We’re pleased to welcome Diana and Michelle as new members to our board, two more outstanding representatives of great companies from across the outdoor industry,” said Susan Viscon, Camber Outdoors’ board president. “They will bring great knowledge and perspective to our work, and they’ll make positive contributions to Camber Outdoors’ mission and growth right away.”

Seung has spent her entire career in retail, primarily in fashion and childrenswear space. Prior to her role at, she was the vice president of ecommerce merchandising, planning & global markets with The Children’s Place. In July 2016, she became the executive vice president of merchandising at

“There is a tremendous opportunity to inspire and better connect with our consumers when women have a voice and seat at the table to influence decisions,” Seung said. “That starts with shifting the internal operations and culture of an organization by having more women in leadership and decision-making positions. Camber Outdoors helps elevate this opportunity.”

Wardian joined the Outdoor Research Board of Directors in 2014 when Youngone Corporation became the majority owner. In July 2015, she joined OR as its chief operations officer, later becoming the brand president in March 2017. Wardian’s key focus has been the organizational strategy to empower the people, processes and systems necessary to amplify product innovation and delivery excellence.

“My role within Youngone has provided me with an international view of leadership, working inside a multinational company where race or gender is an opportunity,” Wardian said. “During my time at Outdoor Research I have changed the leadership team significantly, with women now representing 50 percent of our executive team. This was an evolution based on talent and commitment, and is a working example of Camber Outdoors’ mission to expand opportunities for women in the outdoor industry.”

In addition to setting policies and priorities, the Camber Outdoors board serves the critical role of guiding the organization’s overall direction as it works to support and accelerate women’s leadership and participation in the outdoors, from the backcountry to the boardroom. The new board members are committed to supporting Camber Outdoors’ vision and helping it to realize its goals.

On behalf of Camber Outdoors, Viscon expressed gratitude to outgoing board member Laura Schaffer-Alward, who served on the board for six years. Schaffer-Alward was noted for her support of the organization through significant growth and change.

About Camber Outdoors

Founded in 1996, Camber Outdoors (formerly OIWC) envisions a future of “Everyone’s Outdoors.” It is the only national organization dedicated to achieving equality for all women in the outdoors, from backcountry to boardroom, through innovative and thought-leading programming and initiatives, including the Thought-Leader Keynote, CEO Pledge, Pitchfest, and cross-industry/company Professional Mentoring Program. More than 185 companies, 5,500 individual members, and 18,000 constituents engage with Camber Outdoors.

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