Beyond Promises to Measurable Progress Towards an Anti-Racist Workplace

Posted On March 24, 2021

During the 100 days leading up to the anniversary of the killing of George Floyd, we encourage our Camber Partners to continue to work towards achieving an inclusive and anti-racist workplace by going beyond promises …to measurable progress.

To support our community in these efforts, we’ve created a new user-friendly tool. The Camber Workplace Anti-Racism Action Agenda Progress Report offers tailored guidance to support you in achieving your company’s DEI goals.

The purpose of this vitally important document is to ensure success through access to this tailored guidance that supports your continued progress in workplace DEI. It gives corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits a way to track their organization’s growth along the journey of workplace DEI and to provide a single place to reference Camber Partner resources. Each of the 10 steps is accompanied by the correlating Camber resource link to equip you to demonstrate your shared commitment and achieve positive workplace change.

As you begin to take action, you can also monitor progress over time on the DEI Maturity Journey, a progress charting system for each step and stage of DEI work.

You will find that your organization is considered either “Ready”, “Early-Stage”, “Mid-Stage”, or “Mature” for each action.

Ready: Your organization is RECOGNIZING the value of an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace.

Early-Stage: Your organization is INITIATING the action steps to build commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mid-Stage: Your organization is IMPLEMENTING practices, policies, and programs that foster DEI.

Mature: Your organization is EMBEDDING DEI principles and values into your systems to impact culture and business strategy.

This report will support your continued progress and is simple to complete.

STEP 1: Download (LINK) this document and add your company’s name in the top right corner.

STEP 2: Familiarize yourself with the DEI Maturity Journey levels (above) and note that you may be at a different level of maturity for each action.

STEP 3: Make your best assessment with the information you have about the DEI Maturity Journey for each action.

STEP 4: Review and finalize your assessment with your organization’s DEI Committee and/or Senior Leadership.

STEP 5: Continue to update and optimize your organization’s Progress Report over time.

We’ll provide Camber Partners with guidance on how to work towards the next level in achieving an anti-racist workplace.

Not yet a Partner? Join more than 200 peer organizations who are a part of the Camber Community to get started on the path to increased workplace inclusion, equity, and diversity.

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